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MarketingStat offers now full service online surveys.
Business Analysis

Text Analysis

Ask MarketingStat to analyse your survey questions (marketing research), comments of website visitors, conversations of call centers, and any other form of open-ended questions and text. We have extensive experience in buying, treating, and using data to make better business decisions.

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Send us your data and we will turn it in very useful information for business decision makers. We can elaborate the answers of close-ended and open-ended questions of survey studies and we can also help you plan surveys and interpret results.

Click here to see how to prepare your data (0.2Mb - Excel file)

Our analytical capability is virtually unlimited. We can help you with Brand Mapping, segmentation, scenario modeling, business charts, product portfolio analysis, short- and long-term forecasting, and much more.

You have the data (ask us if you think you do not have any. We know you do have it). MarketingStat turns it in useful information to make strong business decisions.

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