MarketingStat brochures

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MarketingStat: All the Products (2Mb)

All you need to know about MarketingStat.

Coding of open-ended text. (2Mb)

Exact and price convenient analysis of text such as open-ended survey questions, comments of website visitors, call center conversations, and more.

MarketingStat Brochure (1Mb)

Find out more about MarketingStat GmbH.

MM4XL Software version 7.0 (3Mb)

The comprehensive toolbox for business analysts and strategic decision-makers.

Seminars from MarketingStat (1Mb)

Our seminars are held either off-site or on-site at the client premises.

Online CopyTest (0.8Mb)

Is your advertising memorable? We can help you find out.

Business Intelligence System (0.6Mb)

Achieve better business results with an efficient BI system.

Stronger Brands (0.2Mb)

Improve your analytical approach to brand management.

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