How to Reach Online Success with MarketingStat

Online success means that your web pages receive a constant flow of relevant visitors, who are converted into buyers of products, leads for your sales force, downloaders of documents, viewers of videos, and so on.

To make your business successful online you need more than just website developers – you need marketing experts with a deep understanding of how online marketing and communication work. You need a partner like MarketingStat.

MarketingStat applies the Learn & ReapplyTM proven model to help you reach online success. This is a looping model comprising four phases:

Learn and Reapply model for online success

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Online advertising that attracts website visitors
Every month, some 150 billion searches are made using search engines*. If your website does not appear on the first page of the search results, chances are your potential visitors are going to your competitors' websites, and you are missing business opportunities.
MarketingStat's experts look after all programming, marketing, and communication issues to ensure that your website will be found online, will attract visitors, and will convert them into active clients.
Calls to action that convert website traffic
Old-style websites look like static business cards; (a few) visitors come, read, and move on to another website. If you want your visitors to buy from you online, to request a callback from your sales force, to download documents, to watch a video, and so on, you need to present them with compelling calls to action.
MarketingStat can turn your website from a static business card into a tool that will move your business forward.
Online communication that increases website traffic convertion
The best is never good enough. Improving results is the next step to online success, and this requires a lot of testing. MarketingStat has all the tools and know-how you need to improve the effectiveness of your website, from surveys, to A/B testing, EyeTracking, and more.
MarketingStat's experts are experienced in all areas of marketing research, business analysis, and online tests for improving your conversion results.
Export your online business success
When everything is set up and delivering good results, you may want to replicate the concept to other areas of your online business.
MarketingStat can take care of it all for you.

Ask MarketingStat communication experts about your online marketing potential

How we work

To be successful online requires effective communication, technical solutions, and perseverance. MarketingStat provides you with all the resources you need to implement an online presence that will increase your brand awareness, integrate the online channel with your traditional business model, generate traffic at your website, convert visitors into clients, and help you achieve any other business goals.

A typical e-business project with MarketingStat follows these 5 steps:

Setting marketing and sales goals for online business
Step 1: Your goals
If you have already have set online business goals, we take it from there; otherwise we help you set them. In either case, everything starts with a 4-8 hour meeting where we discuss your business, company image, brand benefits, product performance, target groups, copy and media strategies, regulatory issues, competition, and other relevant topics. If more time is needed, we will meet with you again, either at your premises or at our location in Reinach.
Defining the online potential of your business and brands
Step 2: Our report
Once we have a good understanding of your business, we investigate your online potential, summarize our findings in a report, and develop an action plan aimed to drive your online success. During a 2-4 hour meeting, we present the findings and plan, and hopefully get your buy-in. After this meeting you will know a lot more about your online business, as well as that of your direct competitors.
Programming support for website development
Step 3: Technicalities
Your website is modified for online success. This is a very technical part of the project. Our developers can do it all or they can work with your IT staff. We can look after all details for you, and (if you like) also explain what we are doing and why, to give you a full understanding of online business.
Strong online communication and advertising
Step 4: Attract attention
This is where your action plan comes to life. Typically over a 12 month period, we put in place a number of online communication activities that make your website visible to search engines and visited by humans. At this stage, traditional advertising practices blend with the newest techniques in online communication. The whole project becomes real, and at the same time the foundations for improving conversion results are set. Our principle is: keep what works and improve the rest.
Monitoring online business results
Step 5: Monitoring
Marketing without data is just fiction. During our partnership we monitor the results of your online activities and report to you on a regular schedule. We can even define and monitor your own online market, which is where you and your competitors battle for online success.

Ask MarketingStat communication experts about your online marketing potential

*Source: Estimate MarketingStat based on ComScore Reports

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