Your business data has a lot to tell you.
MarketingStat knows how to make it talk!

MarketingStat is a Swiss company specializing in business analytics and strategic planning. To marketers and business analysts we offer:

Business AnalysisMarketing SeminarsSoftware Tools
Business AnalysisMarketing SeminarsSoftware for Marketing

Since 1998 we have supplied advanced analytical and planning support to marketers and business analysts working for large and medium- sized companies in Europe and the USA. Our main goal is to help our clients improve their business through professional business analysis.

Companies working with MarketingStat experience increased sales; higher profits; better-skilled managers; higher ROI in market data; a deeper understanding of markets, competitors, and consumers; improved strategic planning processes; and increased motivation of managers, which leads to improved performance of the company as a whole.

Contact us now at or call 0800-MY DATA in Switzerland to discuss your particular business case. From the USA call 1 (888) MKT DATA. Give our services a try. You will like the MarketingStat way to business analysis.

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