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Tools for Product Portfolio Analysis

McKinsey Portfolio Analysis Matrix McKinsey Matrix - Product Portfolio Analysis
The McKinsey Matrix is the optimal solution to summarize the portfolio in terms of market attractiveness and product competitiveness. It can be used for products, or projects, which have not been launched yet.
BCG Portfolio Analysis Matrix BCG Matrix - Product Portfolio Analysis
The BCG Matrix is the perfect tool to summarize, in one single bubble chart, a whole product portfolio in terms of competitiveness and cash flow.
Benchmark Chart Benchmark Chart - Performance Analysis
Benchmark Map is an easy tool used to rank performance, for instance, of several products according to the performance of the market they are in.

Tools for Strategic Analysis

Brand Mapping Brand Mapping - Strategic Marketing
The Brand Mapping tool extracts the deep meaning of data and makes it visible with bubble maps.
Brand Switch Analysis Brand Switch - Strategic Marketing
This tool makes low-cost estimates of brand-switch and retention (loyalty) rates using very common time series sales data referred to direct competing brands.
Profile Manager Profile Manager - Market Share Estimate
Profile Manager estimates the market share of several competing products in accordance with customer preference data concerning the basic product attributes, such as price, breadth of distribution, investments, and so on.

Tools for Decision Analysis

Monte Carlo Simulation Engine Risk Analyst - Decision Analysis
Risk Analyst can apply Monte Carlo simulation to virtually any business scenario built in MS Excel.
Decision Trees Decision Tree - Decision Analysis
Decision Tree help you select the best alternative among several options.

Tools for Segmentation

Cluster Analysis Cluster Analysis - Data Segmentation
Cluster Analysis is perhaps the most common technique to find meaningful groups in the data.
Segmentation Tree Segmentation Tree - Data Segmentation
This tool finds homogeneous groups from the whole dataset and compares them with groups with the selected characteristic.
Gravity Analysis Gravity Analysis - Data Segmentation
Gravity Analysis calculates the area, for instance in kilometres, from which an outlet is more likely to draw its customers.

Tools for Survey Analysis

CrossTab for survey data tabulation CrossTab - Survey Data Analysis
When the survey data has been gathered, use CrossTab to make highly professional contingency tables.
Sample Manager Sample Manager - Survey Data Analysis
One of the first questions to answer when designing a new survey is ?How many interviews are needed for a representative sample?? With Sample Manager finding the answer is easy and methodologically sound.
Proportion Analyst Proportion Analyst - Survey Data Analysis
Say that during a survey, concept A of your new advertisement is preferred by 29% and concept B is preferred by 34% of the sample. Proportion Analyst can tell you if the preference for concept B is statistically valid, which means that B was 'really' preferred.
Descriptive Analysis Descriptive Analyst - Survey Data Analysis
This tool makes the popular Pareto analysis (ABC), it makes box-plot charts, and provides descriptive statistics.
Variation Analyst Variation Analyst - Survey Data Analysis
This tool is used to compare performance, for instance, the sales growth of three competing products across five geographic regions.

Tools for Forecasting & Trend Analysis

Short-Term Forecast Forecast Manager - Forecast & Trend Analysis
This tool makes forecasts for the short-run using time series data. It can be very useful for projecting sales and production needs, and it also estimates the effect of special events, such as promotional activities.
Quality Control Analysis Quality Manager - Forecast & Trend Analysis
Quality Manager supplies all the tools needed to perform accurate, fast, and visually effective Statistical Quality Control.

Tools for Charts & Maps

Smart Mapping Smart Mapping - Excel Charts and Maps
Smart Mapping makes useful bubble maps that depict trends and associations in the data.
Semantic Differential Chart Semantic Differential - Excel Charts and Maps
Semantic Differential draws charts with vertical lines that are helpful when analysing product profiles, attitude, performance, satisfaction, and other connotative variables.
4D-Chart 4D Map - Excel Charts and Maps
4D Map draws a bubble chart in a 3D environment, in order to render more information than a common 2-dimensional chart.
Stacked Charts Stacked Charts - Excel Charts and Maps
This charting tool shows several data series on the same chart, with each series in its own portion of the plot area. This way the series never overlap and the chart is more readable.
Mind Mapping Project Map - Mind Mapping
With this tool you can make mind maps, which are maps used to communicate ideas in a clear graphical format with strong visual impact.

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