On Strategic Planning

Why do so many managers feel that their strategic plans are not optimal? Our experience suggests that the answer lies in their lack of understanding of the whole strategic planning process.

Too many words are used to describe strategies. Too often goals are not measurable and unachievable. In many cases there is no link between strategies. Biased assumptions take the place of definite facts and figures. Finally, too many managers have not yet learned how to create strategies and how to prove their validity.

MarketingStat consultants make available their experience in creating reliable strategic patterns, experience gained while working for highly successful companies like Procter & Gamble, Endress + Hauser, Pfizer, and many more.

We help you develop a strategic planning culture that will assist you in growing your business. Brand development and strategic communication are far too important to be managed with improvisation or with the I think that… approach. Ask MarketingStat today how we can help you optimize your plans and improve your business results. Write to info@MarketingStat.com or call 0800-MY DATA in Switzerland. From the USA call 1 (888) MKT DATA.

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