How MarketingStat Surveys Work

How MarketingStat online surveys work.

MarketingStat provides you with reliable survey results quickly, accurately, and at a convenient price. Unlike other online survey vendors, you do not have to program and manage the survey yourself. We do it for you, which saves you time and effort.

If you cannot find the information you need in the following list of services, drop us an email. Chances are that we can help you.

Survey planning and setup
Questionnaire writing and translation
Sample size
Respondent recruitment
Online survey deployment and administration
Text analysis (coding of open-ended questions)
Data tabulation
In-depth data analysis and report writing
Eye tracking survey (CopyTest)
Comparison of ongoing survey results
Data delivery and storage
From survey data to marketing action
Merging internal and external data
Other products and services from MarketingStat

Survey planning and setup

Survey planning and setup.

Survey users are often not survey experts, and questions like “What sample size best fits your survey needs” can leave them confused. One of the advantages of working with MarketingStat is that you have expert analysts at your side, to solve all of the technical issues quickly and professionally. We can help you to:

  • Define clear and achievable survey goals
  • Describe the population of the study
  • Design a professional questionnaire
  • Plan an accurate sample size

Moreover, we will provide you with a wealth of marketing research knowledge that will help you get the most out of your survey projects and enrich your marketing.

Questionnaire writing and 


Questionnaire writing and translation.

Everybody can think of questions to ask in a survey. However, writing an effective questionnaire in line with your survey goals is another story. When working with MarketingStat you can rely on expert analysts who will help you design professional questionnaires that will gather the relevant data for your project in a highly professional manner. You can tell us what your information need is, or give us a questionnaire, for instance written in MS Word, and in a short time we will set up the survey for you. We charge no extra fee to clients requesting our expert and dedicated researchers’ support on how to best ask questions to uncover relevant information.

For multi-country surveys we can even translate your questionnaire into all the languages you require.

Sample size

Sample size.

We can help you design a representative sample according to the population size and given confidence and error levels. A confidence level of 95%, for instance, tells you that if the survey is repeated 100 times, in 95% of the cases you will end up with similar results. The error level is used to read survey results. If, for instance, 30% of respondents answered ‘Yes’ to a question, and the survey has a 10% error level, the 30% should be read as a value in the range 30% +/- 10% or 27%-33%. Accurate surveys have high confidence and low error levels. However, very accurate surveys may be also very expensive. Our professional researchers can help you balance the need for accuracy and the cost of the survey, in order to gather solid data at the best possible price.

Respondent recruitment

Respondent recruitment.

Some surveys deal with known respondents, such as clients, employees, partners, and the like. In such cases you can give us a list of names and email addresses and we will invite them on your behalf to participate in the survey. When dealing with unknown respondents, such as housewives in the age class 25 and older or dermatologists in Germany, we can recruit interviewees for you who fit the target description you give us. Click here to learn more about surveying different target groups.

Online survey deployment and 


Online survey deployment and administration.

Unlike other online survey providers, when working with MarketingStat you do not have to program the survey yourself, which may require long hours to write questions and set rules. Nor do you have to manage the survey, to ensure that respondents filled out all required fields or that the required quota of interviews was reached. MarketingStat’s staff does it for you. This means that you save time and effort while getting exactly what you need: data and information.

Respondents login to a web address that we provide and follow the simple instructions to complete the questionnaire. Accuracy checks are run to ensure that all required fields are completed. We can administer different questions to different respondent groups taking the same survey. Our feature-rich survey software enables us to meet virtually any requirements you may have.

Text analysis (coding of open-ended 


Text analysis (coding of open-ended questions).

Perhaps the biggest challenge in the analysis of survey data is the correct analysis of unstructured text, such as the answers to open- ended questions. Many survey vendors use automatic coding tools. At MarketingStat the coding is done by humans, who can handle subtle nuances in a way that machines can not. Again, our aim is to deliver high-quality, valuable survey insights rather than just data gathering. We also offer text analysis as a standalone service.

Data tabulation

Data tabulation.          

Why would you buy a Ferrari and drive it only in first gear? Well, the equivalent to this happens frequently, with marketing research studies whose data are not properly analysed. Some online vendors offer you quick and dirty totals. This is bad practice. Professional managers use two-way contingency tables that slice data into the finest level of detail. The tables provided by MarketingStat contain not only two-way counts and percentages, but as a standard service to our clients we also test all values for significance. Testing the significance of values is a very useful tool that professional managers use to quickly interpret the meaning of tables and to make wise business decisions. Furthermore, our tables are tested for associations between variables, which uncovers trends in the data.

In-depth data analysis and 

report writing

In-depth data analysis and report writing.

When you do not have the time or resources to dig into the tables for the information gathered by your survey, MarketingStat’s pool of expert analysts is right at hand. We can read your survey results and summarize them in meaningful reports that are rich in charts and graphical analysis, such as Brand Mapping. We can apply sound analysis techniques: several segmentation methods, brand switch analysis, decision trees, scenario modelling for simulation purposes, and much more. We are confident our reports will meet all your needs.

Most of our analyses are produced using our proprietary MM4XL software, perhaps the largest collection of analytical tools for business decision managers worldwide.

Eye tracking survey 


Eye tracking survey (CopyTest).

Eye tracking survey is a professional and cost-effective tool to measure the attention generated by a print or video advertisement, a brochure, story board, postcard, sales-aid material, and the like. We show your material online to invited interviewees, who are asked to click on the parts of the ad that attract their attention. At the end of the survey, you will receive one or more heatmaps and a detailed report on the effectiveness of your ad in capturing attention and increasing memorization. MarketingStat offers the Eye Tracking survey service at a fraction of the price other survey vendors charge.

Comparison of 

ongoing survey results

Comparison of ongoing survey results.

For ongoing surveys, you may need to compare the results of several survey waves. We can help you either with meaningful and professional print reports or with the development of custom software that allows you to manage the results of all of your surveys in-house. We offer custom software development for desktop computers and for the web.

Data delivery and storage

Data delivery and storage.

When your survey is completed you can choose to receive the raw data by postal mail or email, or we can store them for you on one of MarketingStat’s secure servers. We guarantee the confidentiality of your data, and it will only be used for your purposes.

From survey data to marketing 


From survey data to marketing action.

Your survey is completed. Now what? Clients who need to define fact and data based marketing activities can rely on MarketingStat’s experts. We already help many well-known multinational firms on several continents, as well as medium-sized companies, to improve their marketing productivity and sales results. If your strategic planning processes need improving or you want to reach higher sales peaks, ask MarketingStat. You will be delighted by our competence in strategy setting and execution.

Merging internal and external data

Merging internal and external data.

MarketingStat can develop custom software or reports for you in order to manage several data sources in an integrated manner. Say you have ad hoc survey data, panel data, internal sales values, text statements from customer complaints, data from sales rep visits, and financial data that you want to merge, for instance in a monitoring dashboard. MarketingStat can help you. Contact us now to know more on how to best use your many data sources. We can not only integrate your sources, but we can also train managers and business analysts on how to best use this multifaceted information system for business monitoring and to take actionable business decisions.

Other products and 

services from MarketingStat

Other products and services from MarketingStat.

Your business data has a lot to tell you. MarketingStat knows how to make it talk! MarketingStat is a Swiss company specializing in business analytics and strategic planning for large- and medium-sized companies. To marketers and business analysts we offer: Business Analysis, Marketing Seminars, and Software Tools.

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