Our Products

MarketingStat products help top-managers, marketers and business analysts do a better job. Our goal is to help you generate more sales, increase profits, and improve your level of managerial know-how.

Online Surveys

We offer first class online marketing research you can use to gather information from your clients, partners, employees, and any other target group you like.
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Analytical Services

We can analyze your business data and supply you with informative reports that will help you make better managerial decisions.
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Training Seminars

Our seminars turn junior managers into marketers and business analysts, with a solid understanding of strategic planning techniques and analytical methods.
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MM4XL Software

MM4XL software is perhaps the world’s most comprehensive collection of analytical tools for business analysts and marketers.
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CopyTest Analyst

CopyTest Analyst is an online tool that measures the ability of ads to capture the attention of readers. It is accurate, cost-effective, and fun to use.
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Book Mapping Markets for Strategic Purposes

This book aims to foster the scientific approach to business management. It presents a detailed view of Brand Mapping, an analysis technique of great help to marketers.
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Ad hoc support in marketing

Do you have an issue in marketing management, marketing research, business data analysis, sales analysis, or other related areas? Ask MarketingStat. We can help you.
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