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MM4XL Software

Marketing Manager for Excel, MM4XL Software

MM4XL software is perhaps the world’s most comprehensive collection of analytical tools for business analysts and marketers. From Product Portfolio Analysis to Short-Term Forecasting, Scenario Simulation, Brand Mapping, and much, much more, a complete marketing toolkit is available in one cost-effective application, seamlessly integrated into MS Excel.

MarketingStat is the creator of MM4XL software. Since 1998, MM4XL has been the choice of multinational companies, management consultants, marketing research agencies, and renowned universities in over 50 countries on all five continents.

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CopyTest Analyst

CopyTest Analyst

Which elements of your advertisements catch the reader’s attention? Now you can find out with CopyTest Analyst.

CopyTest Analyst is an online tool that measures the ability of ads to capture the attention of readers. It is accurate, cost-effective, and fun to use.

Do not invest money in advertising until you know how effective your ad is. Ask MarketingStat how to measure the effectiveness of your communication. We can help.

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