No survey is too big for MarketingStat

No survey is too big for MarketingStat.

Start gaining market insights now. With MarketingStat you can afford it, and your business will improve. MarketingStat’s talented and spirited staff works hard to provide you with products of superior quality and value. Whether you need multi-country, multi-language, or multi-target group surveys, we can do it for you quickly, professionally, and at a convenient price.

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Website visitors
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Surveying website visitors

Surveying website visitors.

The most expensive part of any survey is the recruitment of respondents. So why not profit from your website visitors? Our experience shows that some 10% of website visitors are willing to take a survey. This means that a website with 100 visitors a day can generate yearly about 2’500 interviews, which would cost you around Euro 50’000 to buy from a (price convenient) marketing research agency. By working with MarketingStat you can have a net saving of over Euro 47’000. In addition, we can administer the survey to assign your website visitors with different questionnaires, for instance tailored to your brands and products. Not only can MarketingStat’s online survey service turn your website into a productive tool, but your management style will improve thanks to the insights you gather directly from your website visitors. Ask MarketingStat today to start surveying your website visitors.
Surveying your clients

Surveying clients.

Ask your clients, and you will be amazed by the amount of information they can provide you with, concerning their satisfaction with your company, complaints about your products, evaluation of new product concepts, brand awareness and advertising recall of your offers and those of competitors, reaction to and memorization of ads, and much more. The great deal in all of this is that on average 15% of your clients are willing to participate in your surveys, which may result in thousands of low cost interviews, rich in information that will help you make better decisions. You know your clients and their contact details. Ask MarketingStat to invite them to take a survey, and start gaining valuable insights at low cost right now.
Surveying your partners

Surveying partners.

Partners such as distributors, local affiliates, representatives, and the like may be worth surveying about such topics as stock levels; satisfaction with your company support, logistics, and offers; local market data and customer needs; improvement areas; and so on. On average, your business partners will be highly responsive to your surveys, delivering actionable data and information, because if you improve your support to them they can increase their sales. We encourage you to ask MarketingStat how to gain useful insights at very low cost from your business partners.
Surveying your employees

Surveying employees.

When you show your employees you care about what they do, their productivity will increase. They can not only share with you their level of satisfaction with the job and their complaints about what they dislike, but they can also become a valuable source of ideas to improve business methods and practices. Ask MarketingStat how to show your appreciation to employees, make them more productive, and gather useful insights to improve the quality of your business deliverables.
Surveying other target groups

Surveying other target groups.

Expert managers in business-to-consumer and business-to-business know that important surveys are run with random samples of respondents, including both clients and non-clients. To these managers MarketingStat offers a highly qualitative respondent recruitment service across a broad and large range of target groups. Rather than trying to list all the target groups we can recruit respondents from, we encourage you to contact MarketingStat, describe your survey need, and find out whether we can help. Most probably we can, quickly, professionally, and at a very convenient price.

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